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April Calf Blog

April Showers Bring May Flowers ‚ėĒūüĆ∑By: Minnie Ward, Calf Star Midwest Sales Representative¬†Well I can honestly say, I think the end of winter weather is in sight.¬† At least my water pails are not hockey pucks anymore!

With April showers we typically find more respiratory issues with the moisture in the air.¬† If air exchanges are a challenge or if you believe you do not have enough air flow for your calves, find someone to fog your facility.¬† It’s very simple and yet very visual.¬†¬†¬†

How many air changes should we achieve in warmer weather months?¬† Well, the answer is…it all depends on your facility.¬†

Hutches are all natural exchanges with the calf’s ability to move about where it needs to find fresh clean air.¬† However, you can add blocks to elevate your hutches in the summer for added air flow.¬† Many calf barns need to be evaluated and usually supported by air inlets, fans, windows, tube fans or a combination.¬†Industry standard is 6 mph for adequate air flow at the calf’s level.¬†

Make sure your individual pens are also set up for the best benefit for cross ventilation.Here are some additional links for added ventilation support: 
Calf Barn Fogging
Swift Start Program РCrystal Creek 
Happy Spring! ūüėéūüĆ∑ Minnie