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March Calf Blog

For the Luck of Calves!By: Minnie Ward, Calf Star Midwest Sales Representative I have a question for you this month.  How lucky are you feeling right now with your calf raising skills?

Do you Feel Lucky? 🍀Boy, the past several months have been more than challenging.  First, lets say calves in cold weather climates pose a real obstacle.  We stepped up our feeding program on our farm from twice a day feeding to three times a day in the cold weather we experienced a month ago. 

However, the luck was with us. 

We did not lose any calves to cold weather but I must say I did lose a few to sever scours.  My office has become my neonatal unit, not ideal but it works! My lucky clover has not appeared yet, as I write this we are under another snow advisory. 

My calves have been bedded more times this year than I can remember.  They are having a hard time getting in & out of their hutches and lets say moving panels is not the easiest feat currently. Thank God for my Milk Taxi that allows us to be as consistent at feeding as we can get.  With my machine I can manage temperature, volume fed, and mix my milk replacer.  There is no whisk involved!  Even better, my kids are even excited about feeding calves!  This has helped us raise some pretty awesome heifers. Happy St. Patty’s Day and hopefully our luck will change soon in the weather department!  🍀