Measuring Bacteria Levels in The Milk We Feed Our Calves

So you may ask, why this topic?  First, you can’t measure what you don’t know. If we feed milk that may be contaminated with bacteria, we could potentially set our calves up for severe scour days or even death. We need to measure the amount of bacteria that made it through the pasteurization (PA) cycle […]

Bio Security and Young Calves

Calf Health

Bio security and calves can be a tough one, as who doesn’t like playing with baby calves on a dairy farm?  It can go multiple directions when discussing biosecurity, do you invite a class room of elementary students out for a visit or it can be employees moving from barn to barn. I am going to […]

Fly Control and Sanitation Basics

Fly on Leaf

Let’s talk FLY CONTROL.  Why in March you ask, because this is when we need to get a grip on it, before it actually gets started. So, lets start by asking ourselves, did last year’s fly control program work?   How did you measure that process, or did you do like I did and evaluate it […]

Effective Vaccinating for Winter Months

Calf Vaccinations

So how many of us take added precautions with our vaccines in both summer and winter? I know we try at our place; I have a cooler with ice packs in the summer for keeping the vaccines cool but how about in the winter months? Freezing becomes the next biggest challenge of keeping your vaccines […]

CalfStar Feeding Equipment Overview

CalfExpert equipment view

I typically don’t talk about the calf feeding equipment I sell on this blog but today I am going to do a total overview of our products. Calf Star is the only company that sells and supports calf feeding equipment and encompasses the newest technology both on the cow side and calf side. Our automatic calf feeder, […]

Dehorning Calves

Calf pair

Holy cow has the weather changed the past few weeks. Cooler nights and very pleasant daytime temperatures. This month I would like to touch on DEHORNING calves. When is the appropriate time and method to use?  I have probably done and have experience with all methods of dehorning calves. Obviously the “Yeh Hay “moment is […]

In Cold Weather Conditions, Employee Focus on Proper Calf Care is Critical

Well welcome to cold weather again!   I don’t know about you, but I am never truly ready for winter, but here we are! The last few weeks I have either been attending calf workshops or presenting at calf workshops.  The one item I am noticing is the lack of Calf Care Teams, we often visit […]

Calves Learn From Their Peers

An Article By: Abby Bauer, Senior Associate Editor for Hoard’s Dairyman. Read the article at

Goodbye Summer….Hello Fall

Cow calf pair

As we finish the next few days of summer, and we head into fall I wanted to discuss Colostrum and the mode of various transmitted diseases/pathogens. There are 5 ways of transmission: Lets touch on these ways briefly. Johnes Salmonella BVD Mycoplasma Bovis Infectious Mastitis Lets break this down with some added bullet points. JOHNES: […]

Preparing for Dehydration!


July is typically an extremely hot month and we have not been disappointed yet. In our July Blog we will address how to determine if you need an intervention on a dehydrated calf. Be PREPARED TO INTERVENE!!! I have created some steps for you to use and make them your own for your operation. Steps […]