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January Calf Blog

2019 Goal Setting for Your Calf Operation

Ok, Let’s talk hard core stuff here!  Who likes to set goals?  I am one that sets multiple goals throughout the year.  As we look into the forecast of 2019, are there things you’d like to move forward on in your calf operation?

When I look up the word ‘goals’ it reads: intention, intent, purpose,
design.  Goal means what one intends to accomplish or attain. My goals
can be anywhere from very simple tasks to more in-depth ones.  I put
these goals in writing where I can see them.  If I want others to help with these goals I make sure that I make them easily visible to them.  Some
could say they are revised protocols! 
Whether you want to lower your target mortality, building a new facility, or as simple as washing pails daily.  Set these goals and revisit them
monthly to check in.  To keep yourself held accountable for these goals
share them with someone who will do just that. 

Contact the Calf Star team to help you with your goal setting!