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February Calf Blog

My Valentine Wish for my Calves!By: Minnie Ward, Calf Star Midwest
Sales Representative 

So, I am not a poetic, mushy kind of person.  However, I do feel very
passionate about my family & calves.  Some may say I obsess over them.  I like them both content & happy.
How do you feel about your calves?

Valentine’s Day may be gone but during the month of February we all
think about cupid and his arrow bringing us love.  Our passion is a love
for our animals.  We care deeply for our little critters that make us do
crazy things in environmentally challenged seasons.  The weather lately has been bitter cold and all I want to do is go inside.  Even though I want to be inside I know I need to make sure all the animals are well bedded and fed so I can feel good about crawling in my own bed at night.  We
might only be dreaming of the extreme warm weather right now but this weather has an effect on your animal care as well.  I make sure they all
either have water or electrolytes in front of them and again make sure
that they are dry.   This winter has been extremely challenging for a lot of people.  On my travels I hear of events regarding struggles with our furry babies under 10 days or weaning animals.  What’s going on?  A lot of
these events weigh heavy on our minds as we live for our calves. 

Last month I mentioned goals, the passion we carry throughout the year
for our animals make us who we are.  We obviously do not send our
calves Valentine’s Day cards but some of us do kiss and pet them
aggressively. Touch?  Do calves feel emotions?  Calves do like us to touch
them, pet them and even play with them.  I do believe they have
emotions.  You can see it in their eyes when we bed them.  They bounce
with happiness!  I tend to find the simple things in life make me the

Remember our little critters and the love we have for them on each and every day and not just Valentine’s Day 🙂