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August Calf Blog

So how did everyone, or more importantly how did your calves do last month during that heat spell? 

Let’s focus this month on the extreme heat and humidity events that the summer months bring.   

Calves have heat stress just like any other animals.  Quite a few years ago I did some research on both heat stress and cold stress in calves.  Both take calories away from immune function and average daily gain. 

So ask yourself, is consistency being addressed for both nutrition and sanitation?  If you have more than one person feeding calves these events can become more of a factor than one realizes. 

Lets talk nutrition and heat stress, you still need calves to consume milk.  But on extreme hot days some, mostly younger calves, may shy away from drinking their full milk amount.  So then what is your game plan?  Electrolytes I hope.  Most electrolytes have sugars added into them, I tend to lean on electrolytes that have sugar, sodium bicarb and calcium.  This way they can balance their hydration yet get some added calories throughout the day!  Same in the winter months, calories, calories, calories! 

Did we consistently get fluids into these stressed calves.  The next factor, how are you going to get these fluids into our calves?  Are you bottle feeding, tube feeding, or some require IV.  Are you recording these calves that are getting extra fluids?  Both heat stress and cold stress may influence secondary events so be on your “A” game with record keeping. 

Some of the recent research on Chlorine Dioxide has also shown benefits for reducing pathogens in water used for feeding and a Chlorine Dioxide solution for sanitation purposes. 

We at Calf Star have what it takes for your consistency in feeding calves and the chemical for controlling environmental pathogens.  Please take some time to visit our website for added resources and calf feeding equipment to make your life easier as well as consistent for a healthier animal.  Don’t hesitate to contact your regional representative with questions! 

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