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Rear healthy and thriving calves with WeightControl.

WeightControl makes recording weight and other information child's play. The system is based on three different types of animal weighing scales combined with electronic animal identification and an additional input terminal where relevant data can be entered very easily.

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WeightControl "Base"
The stationary platform scales

WeightControl Base is designed to be driven onto by small transporters or carts for calves (e.g. the CalfBuggy). Every time a calf is transported, you just drive over the weighing scales and record the current weight in no time. Ramps make the whole process even easier.

WeightControl "Single"
The mobile pass-through weighing scales

WeightControl Single can be transported wherever calves are to be weighed. The doors can be mounted so that they are hinged on the left or right. This allows calves to be easily led in and out of the weighing scales – depending on site conditions. Battery operation allows use even in remote locations, such as outdoor calf hutches.

WeightControl "Multi"
The transport group box

WeightControl Multi is ideal if the calves not only need to be weighed, but also transported. Up to 5 calves (depending on size) can be easily transported in the box with the help of a front loader pick-up. The calves are placed in the transport box one after the other and their individual weight is determined exactly. Weighing and transporting really cannot get any easier.

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Rear healthy and thriving calves with WeightControl

The Smart, Data-Driven Solution for Holistic Calf Care!

Frequently Asked Questions About the WeightControl

How does WeightControl simplify the process of weighing calves and managing data?

WeightControl streamlines the calf weighing process by utilizing its RFID reader function. This feature automatically recognizes the calf's ear tags, allowing for quick and effortless data capture. Additionally, users can input further information about each calf at the operating terminal, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data storage.

Each model of WeightControl is designed to accommodate different herd sizes and weight ranges. The "Base" model can handle up to 2000 kg, which makes it convenient to load calves contained in small transporters and carts. The "Single" model can handle up to 150 kg. The "Multi" model can handle up to 2000 kg (around 5 calves at a time).

WeightControl electronic weighing scales not only determine animal weight but also store vital data. Available in various models such as platform scales, mobile individual scales, and group scales for front loader transport, the scales feature RFID technology for automatic ear tag recognition and data input at the operating terminal. With WeightControl, you can make informed decisions about feeding strategies and animal selection, ensuring precise management based on facts rather than intuition.

WeightControl seamlessly integrates with the CalfGuide management app, transmitting data such as daily weight gain and feeder information for comprehensive calf care monitoring and control, providing a centralized system for all rearing data.

We are located in Wisconsin, USA and ship WeightControl weighing scales all across North America!

Some of our happy CalfStar customers!

Kesler Farms LLC
Apr 23, 2023

Thanks Calf-Star!

Out with the old and in with the new, updated the milk taxi this week. The old one was used when we bought it and was giving us enough grief with electrical issues that we finally took the plunge on a new one. Happy calves and less headaches. Thanks Calf-Star!

Just A Girl Who Loves Her Moos
Feb 12, 2021

It makes choring a 200 head calf nursery by myself possible.

With the warm weather rolling in it’s time for calf jackets to come off! It’s days like today I am extra thankful we went with the milk taxi. I managed to remove and stack all 100 jackets on the taxi during my evening milk feeding. With the calves distracted with their milk removing the coats was a breeze. Shout...

Nov 16, 2021

That makes for happy farmers & calves!

Calves LOVE consistency. They get fed the same amount of milk at the same time every morning and night. We use a milk taxi, which is essentially a pasteurizer on wheels to feed them. Now before someone says oh why don’t they get their mothers milk you greedy farmers?! Don’t you worry, this...

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