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Effective Vaccinating for Winter Months

Calf Vaccinations

So how many of us take added precautions with our vaccines in both summer and winter? I know we try at our place; I have a cooler with ice packs in the summer for keeping the vaccines cool but how about in the winter months? Freezing becomes the next biggest challenge of keeping your vaccines […]

Ammonia Levels and the Young Calf

Calf health and ammonia

In this blog I am overly excited to announce that Holm and Laue released an Ammonia Detector that works with the CalfExpert automatic calf feeder to detect ammonia levels in bedding packs of young calves. We all know high ammonia levels result in more morbidity and even more mortality rates in young calves. Why is ammonia bad […]

How to Reduce Calf Mortality Directly After Calving

Newborn calf with mother after calving

Here are a few check points, food for thought! If the calf is not breathing directly after birth, remove as much mucous from the nostril area. Most of us find a piece of straw and tickle the nostril passageway. This usually does the trick. If not, try pouring cold water over the calf’s head to […]