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The Importance of Calf Movement

Calf Running

Whether you are transporting calves across a pen or several miles/hours down the road it is a very stressful time in a newborn calves life.  First thing you want to consider is securing an acceptable method for moving calves, sled, wheelbarrow, calf cart or even a UTV/truck. 1) Lift the calf into the trailer and […]

Calf Basics on Nutrition

Calf nutrition and feeding

If you ever heard one of my presentations, I am a firm believer in the 6C’s of Calf Raising. I stand firm on these fundamentals. Obviously, we are only touching on the nutrition portion of the 6C’s in this month’s blog. After the first few feedings of Colostrum, we start to focus on our calves […]

Writing Your Calf Newborn Protocols

Holstein calf shortly after birth

This month I’d like to start focusing on: How to start writing your calf newborn protocols. Let’s first focus on the timeframe, please allow yourself time to adjust and re-adjust your protocols.  Calves are never an easy creature to conform to written protocols. Our basic goal is to maintain consistency between employees and to understand […]

Why Would You buy an Auto Feeder?

Auto Calf Feeder

This month I am going to touch on the topic of…..Why Would You Buy an AUTO-FEEDER? Last month I attended a workshop on different strategies of how to feed calves.   There was a question on auto feeders, and the response was, “Its not for us”, another was “ we have too many calves for an […]

AdLib Feeding Results

Cow feeding calf

So here I am, in constant turmoil of what and how I should feed calves this winter. So, based on last months blog on AdLib feeding trails, my results are below. Both Control group & Trial group, both were weaned and weighed at 60-65 days. Both received a 13% solid 24/20 Milk Replacer diet – Average Daily […]

My Take on an AdLib Feeding Program

I sure hope you all have enjoyed cooler temperatures the past few days   This summer has been like no other. High temps, lots of flies and no time to get all the things done on my list. One of the items I had on this “To Do List” is trying an AdLib feeding program.   We […]

Mycoplasma and Auto Feeders

Calf Feeding

In my opinion auto feeders have gotten a bad rap over the past years. Illnesses that happen when using an auto feeder suggest that it is a feeder issue when this is the farthest from the truth.  It has nothing to do with the feeder, the feeder does what it is asked to do, the […]