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CalfStar Feeding Equipment Overview

CalfExpert equipment view

I typically don’t talk about the calf feeding equipment I sell on this blog but today I am going to do a total overview of our products. Calf Star is the only company that sells and supports calf feeding equipment and encompasses the newest technology both on the cow side and calf side. Our automatic calf feeder, […]

Why Would You buy an Auto Feeder?

Auto Calf Feeder

This month I am going to touch on the topic of…..Why Would You Buy an AUTO-FEEDER? Last month I attended a workshop on different strategies of how to feed calves.   There was a question on auto feeders, and the response was, “Its not for us”, another was “ we have too many calves for an […]

Mycoplasma and Auto Feeders

Calf Feeding

In my opinion auto feeders have gotten a bad rap over the past years. Illnesses that happen when using an auto feeder suggest that it is a feeder issue when this is the farthest from the truth.  It has nothing to do with the feeder, the feeder does what it is asked to do, the […]