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September Calf Blog

For some of us it’s a time to appreciate the young adults we have around us.  The extra help we had for the last few months is going back to

So how do you replace their time? Even though some of these kids are in grade school they still have a purpose.  Usually to help with calves, bedding, feeding and or even driving tractors.  It seems like a minimal task but yet they are a valuable asset to us. I will miss my girls as they start a new school year as they help quite a bit with chores.  It’s even better when
they get to the age you can trust their decisions and feel comfortable leaving them in charge for a day. 

“In Charge” now that’s a term!  These farm kids truly know the value of
getting things done and accomplishing a task.  They put pride into what
they do.I recently was on a farm with a Mom and her 8th grade son.  He
clearly didn’t like the duties his Mom had laid out for him yet he put his
head down and went to work.  How many of us as adults feel the same
way some days, right? 

What I do know is that with some of the equipment we have today to feed our calves with, the task of a grueling job becomes one of pleasure and
even somewhat of a fun event. 

Let’s take one piece of equipment that we carry in our line of Calf Feeding Equipment, The Milk Taxi.  Our daughter the other night was in charge of feeding calves.  She knows that level #1 is for young calves under 7 days
of age and calves that are being weaned, level #2 is for the calves 7-21
days and level #3 is for all older calves.  We have the Electric Drive on our Milk Taxi which makes it easy to move around the farm.  Now what kid
wouldn’t want to help feed calves! 

When feeding is done and the Milk Taxi is rinsed, we put it into a wash
cycle where we are confident everything is getting cleaned.  Now how
much fun is that! My October blog will focus on preparing for colder
weather.  See you at World Dairy Expo where we will have on hand: Calf
Jackets and our newest Colostrum Pasteurizer the First-Nurse Colostrum Pasteurizer. -Minnie