The Milk Taxi 4.0

Fully Mobile Calf Feeding

Frequently Asked Questions About the Milk Taxi

We have two sizes of Milk Taxi available. One can hold 150L and our larger unit can hold up to 260L

The SmartMix system recognizes how much whole milk has been filled and determines how much water and milk replacer have to be added to achieve the required milk quantity in the required concentration.

The Milk Taxi has revolutionized bucket feeding for calves.  Whether individually in calf hutches or in groups in the calf barn, the Milk Taxi feeds your calves wherever they are.  Milk Taxi 4.0 can reliably mix milk replacer powder and gently heat or pasteurize whole milk.

The MilkTaxi Smart ID system detects each pen wirelessly as it moves past and the pen number is shown on the display. The operator now selects the right amount of feed for the calf or group of calves, presses the release button, which causes the milk to be filled into the buckets. The weight fed is registered and stored for each pen.

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