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CalfStar Feeding Equipment Overview

CalfExpert equipment view

I typically don’t talk about the calf feeding equipment I sell on this blog but today I am going to do a total overview of our products. Calf Star is the only company that sells and supports calf feeding equipment and encompasses the newest technology both on the cow side and calf side. Our automatic calf feeder, […]

Calves Learn From Their Peers

An Article By: Abby Bauer, Senior Associate Editor for Hoard’s Dairyman. Read the article at https://hoards.com/article-30890

Calf Care 101

An Article done with an interview by Minnie Ward and the Dairy Star

“You can’t manage, what you do not measure!”

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure!” Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) This wise quote by the management guru Peter Drucker applies to all areas of economic activity, and also to agriculture. But many decisions are still based on human instinct. This is also true for calf rearing: the goal of a daily increase from […]

Calves, milk and bacteria: How clean is your kitchen?

Kelli Boylen for Progressive Dairyman Colostrum, milk and milk replacers are all excellent sources of nutrients for calves, but also for bacteria. Jenn Bentley of Iowa State University Extension says when that abundance of nutrients is combined with moisture, you have the key elements for bacterial proliferation, which can be detrimental to your calves’ health. […]

Milk Jug Promotion

Receive your Milk Jug at 1/2 price when you purchase your entire Calf System from Calf Star!