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CalfStar Feeding Equipment Overview

CalfExpert equipment view

I typically don’t talk about the calf feeding equipment I sell on this blog but today I am going to do a total overview of our products.

Calf Star is the only company that sells and supports calf feeding equipment and encompasses the newest technology both on the cow side and calf side.

Our automatic calf feeder, the Calf Expert & Hygiene Stalls work together to mix and deliver either whole milk, powder, or a blend of both. Super easy to make several feeding plans if you desire to have multiple feeding plans for various breeds. The mixing bowls have a heater in the bottom to keep milk at a consistent temperature for feeding. Blends and delivers milk within seconds.   Has a complete one- way CIP cleaning cycle. Cleans from the Calf Expert to the Hygiene Stall & down the drain.

Optional items you can include in your project are liquid or powder dosers for any supplements you use, weigh scales to help calculate average daily gains. Powder hopper extension for added volume of milk replacer.  The Calf Expert can feed anywhere from 25 calves to 100 calves with 1 feeder.

The Hygiene Stall is just that, it rinses off the nipple with water or any product you add to your water source for extra sanitation purposes. Hygiene is the ultimate in calf feeding!

Our pasteurizers range any where from our Milk Taxi Batch pasteurizerr to our Large Frame HTST pasteurizer.

The Milktaxi can either pasteurize (PA) or blend powder. The Milktaxi will chill milk from your well water source and then automatically start PA at the desired time you program. Has a dosing wand for accurate feeding levels, comes complete with a 9 minute wash cycle. Super easy to blend milk replacer if that is the route you feed. Can be mounted in a UTV or has electric drive for ease of handling & maneuvering.

The Milktaxi comes in 4 different sizes, 100L, 150L, 260L or 416L.

Our Large Frame PA comes in various capacities for pasteurizing larger volumes of whole milk. You will need a holding tank and delivery tank for Pre & Post PA milk.   This unit also has a full CIP cleaning program, can be hooked up to wash your delivery tank as well. Common PA capacity is between 5-10 gallons/minute. Can be hooked up to either LP or natural gas.

Our Milk Jugs are a modern version of a bulk tank. It is meant to hold either raw or Pa milk. We connect this to robotic milkers for any diverted milk to be captured.   The Milk Jug can also be used to feed the Calf Expert.  Our Double Jug is the same as a single holding tank but has the capacity to chill and have a clean tank ready to accept pasteurized milk. We also included a Geothermal option to capture the heat coming from the Milk Jug compressor. Keeps your floors warm and dry. Single or Double Milk Jug 50-300 gallons capacity.

The Dispensing Tanks we make at our shop in Wisconsin are just that. A delivery system meant to feed milk.   We have included the MilkTaxi controls for dosing any desired amount in various levels. These tanks are meant for larger volumes of milk, anywhere from 50 gallons to 300 gallons of milk. This unit does not heat but will blend powder. Connect it to the large frame or standalone unit to complete a CIP wash cycle.

We also sell and support Bottle Washers, a nice way to clean and sanitize your bottles, nipples, and pails. Select from several different rack and table configurations. Uses hot water from your farms hot water heater and plugs into a 110.

One of our newest products is a custom Bottle Trailer. These trailers are for the producer feeding with only bottles. The trailer fills and washes while the bottles are in place on the trailer. Need to have a buffer tank for filling the bottles/trailer. Very sturdy suspension and frame for different terrains.

Let’s visit briefly about Colostrum, we have 3 options to pasteurize what I call “Liquid Gold” colostrum.  We have 2 small systems.  The first is the First Nurse, very simple concept for pasteurizing in colostrum bags in a water bath can PA up to 5-1-gallon containers. The First Nurse can be programed to rewarm to your set feeding temperature.  Connects to either your phone or email address to send you an alert when PA cycle is completed.   The Minibatch pasteurizes in a 3.5-gallon stainless pail. You will need to fill your colostrum bags after pasteurizing instead of before.

Our Colostrum Care Center has everything you need to pasteurize colostrum. It has 3 chambers, one for pasteurizing, one for chilling, and the third is a rewarming zone. Multiple bags can be placed in each zone.

This wraps up a summary of our product line. Visit our website: www.calfstar.com for more specific descriptions of each piece of equipment

Feel free to contact myself with your calf questions.

Minnie Ward

Calf Star





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