Calves Learn From Their Peers

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Goodbye Summer….Hello Fall

Cow calf pair

As we finish the next few days of summer, and we head into fall I wanted to discuss Colostrum and the mode of various transmitted diseases/pathogens. There are 5 ways of transmission: Lets touch on these ways briefly. Johnes Salmonella BVD Mycoplasma Bovis Infectious Mastitis Lets break this down with some added bullet points. JOHNES: […]

Preparing for Dehydration!


July is typically an extremely hot month and we have not been disappointed yet. In our July Blog we will address how to determine if you need an intervention on a dehydrated calf. Be PREPARED TO INTERVENE!!! I have created some steps for you to use and make them your own for your operation. Steps […]

Summer Heat and the Effects it Has On Calves

Calf Comfort in the Heat

So, have you ever heard the phrase “Is It HOT Enough For Ya”?  Well let’s begin by saying that June has started off a bit warmer than usual. Let’s ask the question how are your calves feeling and are they staying hydrated in this heat? Are your employees changing their schedules to accommodate cooler feeding times […]

Writing Your Calf Newborn Protocols

Holstein calf shortly after birth

This month I’d like to start focusing on: How to start writing your calf newborn protocols. Let’s first focus on the timeframe, please allow yourself time to adjust and re-adjust your protocols.  Calves are never an easy creature to conform to written protocols. Our basic goal is to maintain consistency between employees and to understand […]

Ammonia Levels and the Young Calf

Calf health and ammonia

In this blog I am overly excited to announce that Holm and Laue released an Ammonia Detector that works with the CalfExpert automatic calf feeder to detect ammonia levels in bedding packs of young calves. We all know high ammonia levels result in more morbidity and even more mortality rates in young calves. Why is ammonia bad […]

Why Would You buy an Auto Feeder?

Auto Calf Feeder

This month I am going to touch on the topic of…..Why Would You Buy an AUTO-FEEDER? Last month I attended a workshop on different strategies of how to feed calves.   There was a question on auto feeders, and the response was, “Its not for us”, another was “ we have too many calves for an […]

Respiratory Illness Prevention in Calves

Calves Laying in Pen on Straw

Happy February! I am overjoyed by the fact that this winter has so far been one with wonderful higher temperatures than normal. Less layering than 5 layers deep. My shoulders appreciate the less weight from all the added garments needed to keep one warm in subzero temps. With that being said, we have had some […]

How to Reduce Calf Mortality Directly After Calving

Newborn calf with mother after calving

Here are a few check points, food for thought! If the calf is not breathing directly after birth, remove as much mucous from the nostril area. Most of us find a piece of straw and tickle the nostril passageway. This usually does the trick. If not, try pouring cold water over the calf’s head to […]

Winterizing Your Calf Area

Calf in Winter

Facilities and newborn careLets start in the maternity area as that is where the calf’s life begins. Lets provide that calf with clean, deep-bedded straw for the calf to nestle in after birth to prevent loss of heat. The quicker we can get the newborn wet calves dried, the better. With temperatures becoming colder every […]