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AdLib Feeding Results

Cow feeding calf

So here I am, in constant turmoil of what and how I should feed calves this winter.

So, based on last months blog on AdLib feeding trails, my results are below.

Both Control group & Trial group, both were weaned and weighed at 60-65 days.

Both received a 13% solid 24/20 Milk Replacer diet – Average Daily Gains (ADG)

CONTROL -ADG                               TRIAL- ADG        

Fed 7 L daily                                     Fed average of 17L daily

2.81                                                    2.44

3.16                                                    0 died on day 3

3.04                                                    3.19

2.91                                                    2.39

2.95                                                    2.76

2.85                                                    2.73

3.07                                                    3.22

Group Average 2.97#                     3.01



                                             Group Average 2.78#

Calves on the control group ate more starter from birth – weaning

Calves on the trial did not eat starter until roughly day 50 when they started getting their allotment of milk cut in half and fed milk only in the morning. This completely makes sense to me as they were getting enough nutrition through milk. 24/20 @ 13% solids.

So, for an average of 17 liters of milk it cost $8.38 per day to feed this amount of liquid.

The group also averaged 8# of starter /day at a cost of $1.35/# from birth – 65 days

This was a great opportunity for me to look at a method of feeding wet calves and the cost associated with this trial.



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