Winter Feeding Strategy Guidelines

Winter Feeding Strategy Guidelines We are still focusing on winter feeding strategies; here are a few guidelines to follow. Dairy heifers account for about 30% of the feed costs on a dairy farm, and the most costly period for raising heifers is during the preweaning period. The animal’s susceptibility to disease is greatest during this period, […]

March 2020 Calf Blog

Acidified Milk And/Or Pasteurized Milk….?  SO the question for me this month is Acidified milk and or Pasteurized milk? As group housing or paired housing systems for calves have gained popularity in recent years, interest in acidifying milk systems has also been renewed. This blog describes reasons for acidifying milk or milk replacer and examines […]

Calf Care 101

An Article done with an interview by Minnie Ward and the Dairy Star

“You can’t manage, what you do not measure!”

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure!” Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) This wise quote by the management guru Peter Drucker applies to all areas of economic activity, and also to agriculture. But many decisions are still based on human instinct. This is also true for calf rearing: the goal of a daily increase from […]