January 2020 Calf Blog

January 2020! A New Year, a New Blog Season… The last few months we have focused on Colostrum and the impact it has on your newborn calf. Lets talk about the “Liquid Gold” Colostrum and take home ideas for strengthening colostrum management. Keep good records on colostrum feeding – timing, quantity, quality, periodic checks on bacteria […]

December Calf Blog 2019

Colostrum Freezing and Thawing Process So the last 2 blogs have been written around Colostrum, the liquid gold! So, I would like to continue with the topic of Colostrum and discuss the freezing and thawing process. As you know, colostrum is an excellent source of nutrition and immune proteins that transport protection to the calf.  […]

November Calf Blog

Minimizing Bacteria Replication So last month I focused on Colostrum and the importance of IgG’s.  I am going to go a step further and discuss the bacteria load and the importance of minimizing the bacteria replication. The importance of early feeding of colostrum to the young calf is critical to protecting the gut of the […]